Badgercake Films and Media Services

Our Current Ongoing Projects

Badgercake Films and Media Services is an exciting project run on a mostly voluntary and spare time basis. Over the years, Badgercake has worked with many community projects around the UK and has provided training to young people interested in video production and other forms of media.
Over the years, some of our clients have included apprenticeship training companies, local government and several universities and colleges across the UK.

Video work

Current projects

Whats it Like in Daventry
Badgercake Films are currently working on a Youtube series exploring the various towns and villages across the UK.
Seaside at Mundesley
We are also working on a History of the Seaside documentary series.
Much like our What's it Like in... series, this is an ongoing project due to budget and time constraints.

Previous projects

Build was one of our first major projects. Badgercake Films and Media Services worked with Build, a Huddersfield based skills training scheme.
Badgercake Films and Media Services also work with community groups such as the Healthy Cross Community Project in Sheffield.
Over recent years, Badgercake Films have been focussed on developing other skills and gaining new experiences. This has placed time constraints on much of our output of late, however, we do continue to produce informative and amusing films like this one.
We also produce music videos. Do you have a band or are you a singer? Are you just starting out? Would you like a professionally produced video for your song?
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Badgercake Films and Media Services have extensive podcast production experience and are currently working on a new podcast to accompany our What's it Like Youtube series.

Social Media Management

Over the years Badgercake Films and Media Services have assisted many community based projects and individuals with their first steps in Social Media marketing and promotion. Indeed, in 2013 our founder taught and mentored apprentices in some of the country's first Social Media and Digital Marketing apprenticeship schemes who, in turn, went on to be leaders in Social Media marketing themselves.
Sadly the world of social media has changed and there are many pitfalls and privacy issues arising from Social Media usage for the consumer as well as the marketer. However all is not lost, Badgercake Films and Media Services can help manage your social media accounts as well as advise on how to reach your customers. We also provide lectures and training on Social Media and Digital Health and Safety.
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